Ancient Greek coin pendant of Thrace, Tetradrachm of Lysimachos in sterling silver 925

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Coin pendant Tetradrachm of the Macedonian king
of Thrace Lysimachos. It is dated in 297-281 BC. and
was issued in the mind of Lamsacus, an ancient
Greek city located on the eastern side of the
Hellespont, in northern Troad
Lylimachos, one of the Alexander the Great's
bodyguards and successors, declared himself King
of Thrace in 306 BC. and gradually extended his
dominion to Macedonia and part of Asia Minor in
297-296 BC. he issued a new coin-type, the so-called
( Lysimachoi ) depicting the head of Alexander the
Grade with a royal diadem and rams' horns deified
as Ammon - Zeus on the obverse, and Athena
enthroned holding a small Nike in field ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ
ΛΥΣΙΜΑΧΟΥ (Of King Lysimachos) monogram on
the reverse. Such coins were minted in several
cities of his kingdom, Lampsacus , where this
particular coin was manufactured ,was the largest
mint of Lychimahos in Asia Minor
A beautiful pedant that can be worn by both
women and men in sterling silver 925
Made in Greece in our workshop in Athens