Handmade large bracelet with lion heads made of sterling silver 925


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Bracelet with lion heads made of sterig silver 925
A large heavy ancient Greek style bracelet
Excellent handmade workmanship, perfect finishing
and polishing. An amazing piece of jewelry with all
the advantages for the quality of production
The lion symbolizes a positive time in life, This fierce
animal is connected to our inner urges in most
ancient and biblical texts. The power, desire control
and possession of a lion is often seen as a positive
attribute. The lions Symbolizes the following courage
justice, power, strength, wisdom, dignity, dominating
pride, authority, material wealth and riches
The lion is an animal that held a place in the life of
the ancient Greeks
Lion figure is found in vases ,mosaics, gables of
temples and shields of warriors. While many
famous monuments are adorned with sculptural
representations of lion
Suffice it to mention the lion in Chaeronea and
Amphipolis, the gate of lion in Mycenae but also
the Road of Lions in Delos
A wonderful silver jewelry that can be a present for
any special occasion
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