14 K. Solid gold ancient Greek reproduction coin with the figure of goddess Athena and owl


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Reproduction of an Athenian Tetradrachm ancient
Greek coin (Four Drachmas) of Persian war period
minted ca.480 B.C between the Battle of Marathon
and the Battle of Salamis
On the obverse side of the coin is engraved the head
of Promachos Goddess Athena protector of city of
Athens ,Archaic elements have been used in the
design of the face and smile of the Goddess
The face still preserves the sober and unadorned
quality of the archaic period
On the reverse side of the coin depicted the figure
of an owl ,the sacred bird of Goddess Athena and
the symbol of wisdom surrounded with a branch
of olive tree, symbol of peace and victory
The letters ( ΑΘΕ ) symbolize ( of the Athenians)
The coin is made of 14 carat solid yellow gold
and has a special finish and polish to look like an
authentic ancient coin
It is made in Greece in our workshop in Athens
A wonderful gold jewelry for those who loves the
(The price does not include the chain)
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