Bracelet with Athenian Tetradrachm coin in sterling silver 925


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Bracelet with reproduction ancient Greek Athenian
Tetradrachm ( Four drachmas ) coin made of sterling
silver 925 On the front side of the coin you can see
the head of Promachos Goddess Athena protectress
of Athens city, Archaic elements have been used in the
design of the face and smile of the Goddess
On the other side of the coin you can see the figure of
an owl which was the secret bird of Goddess Athena
and the symbol of wisdom there is also an olive tree
leaf which symbolize peace and friendship, and the
Greek letters ( ΑΘΕ ) that means Athens
The bracelet is made of three different pieces plus
the clasp so it's flexible you can also order it with
the owl on the front side
An unusual simple easy to wear handmade bangle
made in Greece in our workshop in Athens